Top 5 Vinyl Wrap Colours

on Wednesday, 26 August 2015. Posted in Latest News

Top 5 Vinyl Wrap Colours

Tinted Windows Manchester takes a look at this years most popular vinyl wrap colours according to our list of happy clients from across Manchester, Cheshire and beyond...

We wrapped a huge number of cars so far this year. In the vast world of vinyl wrap colour swatches the majority of our customers choose classic black and white.

Check out our top 5 best selling vinyl wrap colours:

1. Satin Black
2. Satin White
3. Satin Grey
4. Pearlescent White
5. Chrome

Stealthy, sleek and downright sexy satin black is our top selling vinyl wrap for cars this year.

A black car has always denoted status and quality. With the advancement in vinyl wrap technology our customers can withold this colour image but choose a luxurious modern muted black over the classic, in-your-face high gloss.

White is this years most popular colour for new cars and it's no surprise it sits high on our list of vinyl wraps too.

Dubbed the 'Apple effect', satin white is a top vinyl wrap choice for motorists who choose to match their car colour to the minimilistic colour of iPhones and other Apple gadgets.

Satin grey is a modern cousin to the past popular silver car colour which reigned the car colour polls up to 2010.

Satin grey wraps offer a unique, sligthly muted metallic hue and is very popular with our luxury and supercar customers.

Three-dimensional pearlescent white vinyl wraps are rapidly gaining popularity at Tinted Windows Manchester.

Pearlescent white wraps offer a stunning, shimmer effect when viewed from one angle to another.

With many car manufacturers including Tesla already offering pearlescent white we predict this is a vinyl wrap colour trend of the rise.

Chrome is no doubt the most head turning vinyl wrap colour on the market and the growing popularity of this finish has pushed it into our top 5 this year.

Mirrored chrome vinyl is available in a choice of colours from classic metallic silver to reds, purples and greens.

Chrome is and expensive, complicated to install vinyl wrap but our experience and quality service means many more customers this year are enjoying the benefits of chrome's unique, futuristic look.

For further information or professional advice on any vinyl wrap colours please give Tinted Windows Manchester and Cheshire a call on 0161 667 1561 or mobile 07801 496 486 and we'll be happy to discuss your requirments.